Juliane Veríssimo uit Brazilie

Juliane Veríssimo uit Brazilie

I had a rollercoaster year with 2 rematches, but I also had tons of funs, met some amazing people, went to some breathtaking places. Netherlands was my second experience as an au pair and I totally would recommend the program, even though the pocket money is a little too little and we need to really know how to administrate it, we are able still to enjoy it. I came from another agency and I had some problems with my host family, we were not a fit and I didn’t agree with somethings they wanted, they were not bad people at all, but they needed more than what I had to offer. I didn’t get much support from my offer agency, and all the outside families that were interested to match with me, they were charging unreasonable fees, and when some families from other agencies tried to take me to their agency, they were really difficult. Luckily I got to know Rovena (a Brazilian ex au pair, now affiliated to Triple C) who helped, so I found a family and decided to take than to triple C, was when I met Nathalia (triple C employee) and she made things happen in a really short amount of time because I need to go to London a week after the match. When I was almost done with the au pair program (less than 2 months to the end) my host family asked for a rematch, because I didn’t want to drive in the center of Rotterdam at night and during my free time, and I wasn’t even allowed to drive anymore. So against all the odds Nathalia also helped me to find a really nice family, where I am enjoy my last days in the Netherlands.


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