Fang Yi Li uit Taiwan

Fang Yi Li uit Taiwan

The experience with Triple C is definitely something remarkable in my life page. I think I won’t never forget the up and down we have been through, the learning I had from them. When I needed help and felt hopeless, I just called triple C then I got the strength. If you would ever work with them,plz really trust them and involve them as a helper role in the program because they really do excellent jobs on it and triple C is really fair for au pairs and the families at the same time they are understanding ,soft ,and firm ,too. Really had good time with them. Thank you so of the most unforgettable journeys and it was with you. 🙂


For Host Families

For Au Pairs

Kuiperstraat 70,
7201 HK Zutphen
The Netherlands

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In case of misuse/abuse: Call the IND Au Pair Hotline: +31 6 1082 3594

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