Au pair Helena

Au pair Helena

Hi, my name is Helena Guerra, I’m 30 years old and I’m from Bogota, Colombia, a country located in the northernmost part of South America. For me, being an au pair is an excellent opportunity to travel around the world, discover new places, beautiful people and cultures, as well as doing something I love, taking care of children.

It is not an easy decision to make, not because you cannot do it, but because you have to go outside of your comfort zone to gain as much life experience as possible. What I want to try before getting married, is to travel a lot, experience winter and snow, (I kid you not, in Colombia, winter does not exist), and make a living working different jobs, so I will have millions of stories to tell my grandchildren by the time I am old.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Social Communications and Journalism from the Minuto de Dios University, focusing on social development. My expertise helps me to work with strong values and provides me with the skills to create a nice environment through communication.

The au pair program has strict requirements which I have to meet, for example: I have to be able to speak English at an intermediate, fairly high level, be active, responsible and perform domestic tasks. Considerable experience in childcare is required and smoking and drinking is prohibited. Anyone who is able to do this, should think about working with the Triple C au pair agency. They make me feel confident about my decision to work as an au pair.

Triple C has been guiding me from the beginning of my year. In my opinion they are well-organized, and strictly adhere to the rules that apply (The Netherlands has strong laws, it makes this country the biggest one). Triple C also takes care of follow-up, to stay informed of my relationship with my host family and organizes fun meetings to experience Dutch culture. They genuinely care about au pairs, I see how important we are for them.

My adventure started on August 18th of 2017, when I flew from Colombia to Amsterdam, a long journey with three stops, in Panama City, Orlando in the US and London in the UK, before finally arriving at Schiphol Airport and heading to my new home in the Netherlands. I was very, very happy to meet the Ter Kuile family and their three little “monkeys”. Amsterdam is incredible, it’s like living in a dream.


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