Our Comfort service

EU: € 1977,- / Visa: € 2994,-

For Whom?

This package is particularly suitable for host families that want to simplify the time-consuming and often complex search for a reliable and motivated au pair. With the help of Triple C au pair, you can choose your au pair quickly, reliably and comfortably.

How It Works

  • We are in direct personal touch with our reliable agents abroad. They recruit and select candidates for our Triple C au pair program and introduce them to us.
  • In an extensive Skype interview, we conduct a second screening with these candidates, thus establishing the basis for our collaboration with them.
  • All available candidates are listed on our au pair page; you can specify which ones you are interested in.
  • You will receive relevant information about these candidates, enabling you to meet them through Skype.
  • We keep comprehensive document dossiers on all candidates, including references and/or credentials, medical files and a Certificate of Conduct (VOG). These are available for your perusal and approval.
  • During this phase, we remain at your disposal for consultation and guidance, enabling you to make a well-informed choice.
  • Upon a ‘match’, we will initiate the dossier phase for your au pair’s placement.

What do inventory and guidance entail?

  1. Explanation of issues in the collaboration with the au pair
  2. Guidance and tips focused on continuing your au pair’s stay
  3. Guidance and tips focused on proper premature termination of your au pair’s stay

What does guidance with issues in the collaboration with the au pair entail?

  1. After assessing issues, Skype can be used to conduct a mediation interview between the host family, au pair and Triple C au pair. This interview will focus on the collaboration between the host family and au pair, and discuss continuation or conclusion of the au pair’s stay.
  2. If so desired, we can book a weekend time-out with coaching in our B&B facility.
  3. A progress review upon continuation, a final review upon conclusion.

What does the leniency arrangement look like?

When the collaboration between you and your au pair unfortunately cannot be continued within the first three months, the following discount will apply to new au pair requestsThis does not include visa service and administration fees, nor participation in already-used cultural events. the leniency arrangement solely applies to new requests within the same package.:

  • Within the 1st month: 100%
  • Within the 2nd month: 40%
  • Within the 3rd month: 40%


You will receive/we will take care of

  • A pre-screened au pair
  • Documentation on au pair and host family
  • Visa service, if applicable
  • Taking out au pair insurance
  • Three au pair events
  • The AuPairsAround app
  • Follow-up with host family and au pair (five times a year)
  • A manual for the host family and au pair
  • Inventory and guidance, focused on collaborating with your au pair
  • Guidance if issues arise in the collaboration with the au pair
  • A 50% discount on a weekend time-out in our B&B facility
  • A three-month leniency arrangement in case of premature termination of your au pair’s stay
  • A weekend time-out in our B&B facility
  • The most extensive leniency arrangement in case of premature termination of your au pair’s stay


For Host Families

For Au Pairs

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7201 HK Zutphen
The Netherlands

Mail Triple C
Tel: +31 575 200002

In case of misuse/abuse: Call the IND Au Pair Hotline: +31 6 1082 3594

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