Our Re-match service

For whom?

The Re-match service is particularly suitable for host families looking for a quick change of gear with an au pair who is already residing in the Netherlands and wants to transfer to another host family. The advantage of this service is a personal introduction to the au pair.

How It Works

With this service host families search for an au pair them selves Triple C suggests an au pair from the Re-match pool.

Re-match au pairs often start their search for a new host family through their Dutch network or online via platforms such as als FaceBook, AupairWorld, Aupair.com and Greataupair, or we will suggest an au pair from the Triple C re-match pool. You can use our Selection Assistant, through which we provide you with Tips & Tricks related to the selection of your au pair, as well as an Au pair Quickscan. When a match occurs, we will happily guide you with placement follow-up.

Our Procedure in Five Steps

  1. We will perform a final check with the au pair you have chosen, to verify whether she/he complies with the requirements of the Dutch au pair program. We ask her/him to commit to the au pair program, you as a host family and to us as the placing agency (Certified IND Consultant).
  2. Afterwards, we will initiate the dossier phase for your au pair’s placement. This involves a secure online procedure through our website portal.
  3. If a visa procedure is required, you can be sure of our expert coordination and fine-tuning with the IND. Since we already possess your au pair’s dossier, the procedure can be done quickly.
  4. Upon arrival in the Netherlands, we will inform you and your au pair of all legal matters that need to be taken care of, and perform our monitoring role as Certified IND Consultant. You are also required at all times to notify us of any changes, such as relocation, family composition, your financial situation, and your au pair’s work schedule and status.
  5.  Within the scope of our legal care duty, we will enter into a collaboration with you and your au pair during the year. We do this by means of our follow-up system.

You will receive/we will take care of

  • Final check and introduction to the au pair
  • Documentation on au pair and host family
  • Visa transfer
  • Taking out au pair insurance
  • 1 to 3 au pair events
  • Au pair community
  • AuPairsAround app
  • Follow-up host family and au pair (2 to 4 times a year)
  • A manual for the host family and au pair
  • Inventory and guidance, focused on collaborating with your au pair
  • Leniency arrangement month 1 40%


For Host Families

For Au Pairs

Kuiperstraat 70,
7201 HK Zutphen
The Netherlands

Mail Triple C
Tel: +31 575 200002

In case of misuse/abuse: Call the IND Au Pair Hotline: +31 6 1082 3594

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