Host family process in 10 steps

Quickscan and contact

Use the Quickscan to determine whether you, as a host family, meet the (legal) requirements of the au pair program. You can contact us with questions related to your specific situation and needs, and schedule an intake interview.


You can register through the secure section of our website. Through ‘My Triple C’, you can create an account and immediately enter all correct personal details in our system. You can use your personal account to continue with the remaining steps of the procedure. Here you can upload and download your documents, view and edit personal data and also monitor the status of your procedure.


We look forward to meeting you through a Skype intake interview. In addition to being a personal introduction, it is also an informative talk for you and us. Together with you, we will schedule the intake interview, as soon as possible of course. The intake interview will be conducted only once and costs € 80. Should you decide afterwards to start the procedure with us, then you can upload the signed agreement in ‘My Triple C’. 


If you opt for one of our Self-match packages, we would like to receive an e-mail with the contact details of your self-chosen au pair, which can be sent to We will schedule an introduction interview with her/him, for the Final Check.

If you have chosen our Comfort package, you can choose from the candidates listed on our website, or task us with a targeted search.


All documents required for your dossier (within the scope of the IND administration obligation) and/or visa application can be uploaded in ‘My Triple C’. Each document will be accompanied by explanation. Of course you can always contact us if you have any questions. When we have received all documents and everything is in order, we can submit the visa application to the IND, or finish the procedure.

The visa procedure

A visa procedure is required for au pairs originating from non-EU countries. Au pairs from the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan may enter the Netherlands on a tourist visa, however, they can only perform work in host families after having picked up their residence permit! Au pairs that require a visa and are in possession of a Schengen visa, may visit the Netherlands sooner.

The IND charges a fee of € 642 for a residence permit application. As a Certified IND Consultant, we can rely on an expedited visa procedure. On average, this procedure takes four to six weeks, from submitting a visa application to the arrival of your au pair in the Netherlands. We have gained extensive expertise and experience with visa procedures in over 50 different countries.

Matters that need to be taken care of upon arrival

Keep in mind, that upon your au pair’s arrival in the Netherlands, you and your au pair are both responsible for taking care of the following matters:


As an IND-certified consultant, we have an information, administration and care obligation. This means we are required by law to keep a complete dossier on you and your au pair. The dossier contains documents related to the au pair’s placement in your family, as well as the visa application (if required). In addition, this dossier should also contain records of all matters that must be taken care of upon your au pair’s arrival in the Netherlands, as well as an overview of the mutual collaboration between you and your au pair throughout the entire year of her/his stay with your family.

To ensure a complete dossier, we will contact you and your au pair at five different times during her/his stay, to provide you with information, stay informed and provide support if problems arise. Satisfactory collaboration between all three parties involved is therefore essential.

Au pair events

Five times a year, we host unique au pair events. Your au pair has the opportunity to participate in three events, regardless of the package you opted for. Your au pair will decide herself/himself in which events she/he will participate. Check our Au Pair Events page to see the events scheduled for the upcoming year. Travel expenses are paid by the host family.

Preparing for departure

We recommend to prepare in advance for your au pair’s departure. Four months prior to her/his departure, you will receive a reminder from us to decide whether you would like to invite an au pair to become part of your family again. This will help you start in time with searching and selecting a new au pair, as well as initiating the procedure. When saying goodbye to your au pair, it is important that several matters are taken care of. You and your au pair will receive a ‘Departure Checklist’ containing an overview of all checkpoints.



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