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The Triple Win

Being or hosting an au pair in the Netherlands means you’re restricted by legal procedures - the Dutch au pair program. We’re dedicated to making it accessible, understandable and fun. We provide the Triple Win. First, the win for the children: They will be introduced to a palette of cultures, languages and new experiences. The au pair will travel to a whole new world, make new friends, learn new languages and experience new cultures. And last but not least, the host parents: Having an au pair makes balancing family life and a career so much easier.
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The Aupairtunity of a lifetime!

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The Dutch au pair program; laid down by law

IND-certified au pair agency

Everything we do and stand for, focuses on ‘freedom of choice and growth’. That is the way we look at life ourselves and interact with our host families and au pairs. We achieve this by being realistic, easily approachable and showing commitment. We also believe it is important that both host families and au pairs get along well with each other and after the stay can look back on a period that has enriched their lives; The Aupairtunity of a lifetime!

With the entry into force of the Modern Migration Policy Act on June 1st 2013, au pairs can only be welcomed in the Netherlands through an IND-certified au pair agency. As an IND-certified au pair agency, we have a duty to provide information, care and maintain administration. This implies, that we are legally obliged to keep a complete dossier on you and your au pair. Besides documents related to the placement procedure and visa application (if required), the dossier will also include registration of matters that need to be taken care of after your au pair’s arrival in the Netherlands, as well as an overview of the collaboration throughout the year.

With us, you can be sure of your compliance with Dutch au pair legislation, regardless of the chosen package. It goes without saying, that this calls for proper collaboration between the host family, au pair and au pair agency. We therefore require commitment of all parties involved, prior to getting started together.

We have a data retention obligation of five years. The IND may request your dossier at all times. Due to tightening of European privacy laws on personal data (AVG) in 2018, we have switched to an online procedure.

The Dutch au pair program is a cultural exchange program, intended for foreign youths to become acquainted with Dutch society and culture. The au pair will stay with a host family, where she/he will perform light domestic duties and/or work as a babysitter/childminder, in return for board and lodging and an allowance, provided by the host family. This will transform children into world citizens, due to being exposed to other languages and cultures at an early age.


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In case of misuse/abuse: Call the IND Au Pair Hotline: +31 6 1082 3594

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